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The Acceleration Method - Procrastination Solution for Smart Students and Powerful Professionals

Strix Toledo
This course provides the priciples, strategies, tactics, contextual understanding, and mental-emotional leverage for overcoming procrastination, stagnation, and the inability to scale performace in school, work, or at businesses.

Who is it for?

This coaching course is for primarily for students wanting to do well or excel at their studies, for professionals who want to perform at elite levels, and for entrepreneurs comitted to scaling their businesses.

What is required to take this course?

Commitment. We'll provide you a clear roadmap to follow, the information you need, the coaching that makes everything make sense, and a support system that's truly got your back. You'll have to supply your useful actions. You'll have to put this to work so that it works for you. This is the 9 hours or so of strategic work and simple system-building that you'll have to do, that will free up more than 9,000 hours for you in the near future. This will require a lot of focused time for what's known as "deep work," which is strategic work that's highly valuable and difficult for undedicated masses to reproduce. You'll need to have slept well, and be prepared for insights & carrying out "inspired actions." You'll need a lot of paper and good pens. While some prefer taking notes on a keyboard, there are neurologic wiring benefits to handwriting your own insight and action notes, mindmapping, making flow diagrams, and even doodling what inspires you while taking this course.

What is the plan?


Select a schedule that is suitable for you to attend every session of this course.

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