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Why learn on Utter?

Simply put, because you will be engaged you'll learn in real-time through live stream using a split-screen technology allowing you to see your teacher and the materials she is teaching up close and personal that will make you feel you're in a physical classroom.

Most online training platforms ignore this high-quality human relation and make you feel isolated. It's no wonder that an average of just 3% of people ever open, complete or get results from the online training courses they buy. Utter will truly ground your learning experience in high-quality human relationships, steer it by knowledge, understanding and a strong sense of purpose. This is why you should learn on Utter.

Why learn from people with specialised knowledge?

Knowledge is not powerful. Specialised knowledge is powerful. Specialised knowledge can solve people's specific challenges and problems.

When learning specialised knowledge or skill, you are learning from someone who is doing or has done it. It is the fastest path to your goal and prevents you from making the thousands of mistakes you would have made if you were to learn it on your own.

Can accessibility satisfy your learning style?

Utter was designed with one intent. To make the world's skills accessible, we have organised courses into three types:

  • Onsite courses – learning within a physical space

  • Live courses – learning from a live stream

  • Video-on-demand courses – learning from pre-recorded videos

You can book an Onsite course in another country if you can get yourself there to attend the class or you can learn it 'live' online through Utter or self-pace your learning from a video-on-demand course from the comfort of your home.

You can access skills from anywhere at a time and place most desirable to your learning style.

How it works

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    Pay for the course you want to learn

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    Log in to Utter to access your course where it will be delivered, depending on its type, as described below:

On-site course

Attend a class at a venue and communicate and access class materials on Utter

Live course

Attend the class by joining a live stream and communicate and access class materials on Utter

Video on-demand course

Learn by watching videos at your own pace and access class materials on Utter

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