Stream live with Utter

Teach from anywhere you want and share your passion, knowledge and experiences to make an impact on others.

Choose between two modes, multi-party conference mode or hands-up classroom mode, that best suits your needs and how you want to deliver content on your livestream

UI for live classroom

Your livestream is equipped with the essentials

It's easy to setup. No technical knowledge or installation required.

Stream from multiple cameras

Connect multiple cameras and other compatible video inputs to your device and dynamically switch between with ease for your livestream

Share your screen

Share and present what's on your screen or the applications you have opened for better engagement

Multi-stream display

Display up to two video streams from cameras connected to your device or your desktop applications or both at once


Treat your livestream like a classroom where you can have more control who can speak and be on the stage with you

Customise your livestream layout

Customise the layout of your livestream by displaying one or two video streams where each stream can be minimised, maximised, mirrored or reordered


Give your students the spotlight to also stream live where they can also use their own camera or share their screen or desktop application

Record your livestream

Record your livestream and download the recording directly onto your device

Instant messaging and file sharing

You can send messages to everyone watching your livestream and share files with them in real-time

UI for live classroom on many devices

Stream live on any device

You and your students can stream from or watch the livestream in a supported internet browser on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

How to get started


Create a live course

After you have created and customised your brand page, create and publish a live course on Utter.


Sell or enrol students into your live course

Create a live schedule for students to purchase and if your brand is already subscribed to a plan, send out email invitations and access codes for students to enrol into your live course for free.


Go Live

Start your livestream at the time set in the schedule you created and deliver your content

Security and privacy matters to us

We ensure that only your students can join and watch your livestream

Join us

Educate and impact people from around the world with your knowledge and skills and become a part of our community.

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